Driving Assistance


Pre Test

 A pretest is $50 cash only. It is approx is 30 mins long and usually completed in the students own vehicle. A parent is allowed to come along, only if it doesn't make the student uncomfortable. I will go over the full route, all maneuvers required, detailed parallel parking assistance, and overall confidence boosting! Not needed for all students. Highly recommend for students with anxiety,  lack of skill/ confidence, those who have previous failed a road exam, or students who are just curious about what is on the exam.  

Private Lessons

 A private lesson is set up through Safe Start Driving School. $55 cash/credit/debit. It is a full hour of driving instruction with a certified driving instructor. They will go over items covered on the test ( not as detailed as a PRETEST, but still shows the students the route & works on parallel parking), along with other important requirements of driving - you can tell them what you want to learn, or you can have them evaluate you and go over. You will be in the driving schools car - not your own vehicle. Can be one lesson - can be several lessons. 

Private Lessons with Sarah

 A private lesson with Sarah, a certified instructor & the DPS Tester, is $80 cash only for a full hour. It includes everything in a pretest PLUS private lesson material. This is for the student who needs extensive help or if you want to customize your lesson. More than likely they need more than just a "refresher" -  they need to LEARN how to do a certain skills like lane changes, highway driving, staying in their lane, speed control, backing up, parallel parking, etc. Can be one lesson - can be several lesson. Will give feed back to parents and student - such as.... letting you know of any problems or concerns; how to fix bad habits; what needs to be worked on at home during practice sessions.   Can be customized as much as you'd like.  This will be in your vehicle, unless you request a rental car in advance.

ONLINE Classes


IMPACT Certificiate

Instructor Taught Class for Teens ( 32 hours)

Adult Course ( 6 hours)

Defensive Driving ( 6 hours)