About Us


What is Third Party Testing?

 In Short, the program was created for eligible students getting their license for the first time to bypass the long waits at a traditional DPS setting.

Third Party Programs are generally more customer friendly and able students to navigate the confusing path to becoming a Driver, a little easier. 

The Third Party Skills Testing (TPST) program was implemented September 1, 2014 authorizing Commercial Driver Education schools that meet requirements set by the Department to administer the driving skills examination.

Commercial Driver Education schools that meet these requirements and have undergone instructor testing, drive route audits and approval with the Department of Public Safety are now eligible to give the skills examination. This program is intended to reduce the time a teen must wait to perform their driving examination.

.... feel free to read more from this article on the offical DPS PAGE! 



How it Works

Step 1) Make an appointment

Review checklist & Ask questions

Step 2) Appointment day, please bring EVERYTHING on checklist. Then Tester will take student out into Car and perform the Test

Step 3) When student passes, Tester will finish the checkout process. You will receive a SEALED ENVELOPE - DO NOT OPEN.

Step 4) Go to DPS to get fingerprinted, photographed, and a quick vision exam. DPS will look through ALL of your required documents. Then they will print you out a DRIVER'S LICENSE!


What to Expect on the Test

We make it our mission to try and reduce stress for the student by being clear with all directions and being overall friendly and polite. 

Items you will be tested over:

*Right turns, left turns with/without stop sign intersections
*Intersections with Lights
*Right of Way

*Control of Vechile
*Backing /Reversing

*PARALLEL PARKING ( Rowlett Road & 66 there is a CICI'S PIZZA, if you go BEHIND the shopping center, we have three sets up poles there all the time. Feel free to practice as much as you'd like.)

If you need help with any items above - feel free to check out the LESSONS page for PreTest information!

Happy Customers & Safe Drivers

What's more important than peace of mind? Nothing.

"Since Roger took his Pre-Test and then his driving test with you guys in February, he’s sent a bunch of his friends to see you – Presley, Carson, Dylan (his mom Diana loved the lesson – we both agreed it was the best money spent ever for peace of mind!)...

We have been telling everyone how great you guys are."

-Amy Jahnel

Need more personal time to get questions answered than DPS will give you?

"  We cannot thank you enough for your patience and allowing us to constantly get on your nerves with all our phone calls and coming up so many times to practice, we really appreciate everything you all have done for us."

-Monica Owens

Ready for your student to drive themselves?


Thank you for taking good care of my son.  He has already driven himself to and from school saving his parents at least 4 trips to RCHS and back.  Band got home at 11pm last night and I didn't even have to get out of my comfy warm bed.
 - Steve George  

" Thank you for making the “driving test” experience a positive one. The staff was polite and professional.

Thank you,"
-Debra Bassinger  


"  Thank you Sarah!! Nothing but a wonderful experience! Dylan's already told a few friends about you & I believe his buddy emailed you just a bit ago. 

Thank you oodles, "

-Christy Bilbrey


" Thank you so much for your patience, comforting spirit, professionalism and fun personality..."

-Tarsha Handsborough mother of Brandon

 " This was the BEST experience! "  
-Wendy McCrillis

Adults- How to Get a Permit


Who is this for?

Are you an Adult ( 18+) that has 

-never take a driving class

-taking a teen class and didn't finish

-license expired, revoked, suspended

-from out of state with an expired license

-from out of the country with out without an international license

then you NEED  a permit before you are allowed to test with our location. ON SITE DPS you do not need a permit, but DPS can be very backed up. OFF SITE. you NEED  a permit, and then we can test you almost immediately!

Requirements before getting a permit

Be an Adult ( 18+)

No fines, fees, surcharges owed at DPS

Already has court approval ( if applies) 

Do an educational program to take the written test  (required for 18 - 25 year olds, optional for 25 +).  

A 6 hour class online or in person class is acceptable. If over 25 and you want to study on your own for free - go for it. 

6 Hour Texas Adult Drivers Education, if needed:

Going to the DPS

 Turn in 6 Hour Adult Certificate to the DPS to get a Valid Texas Permit. 

If you are over 25 and want to take the permit test at DPS - you can. You must wait 24 hours in between fails, and you have to pay each time you take it. I recommend the 6 hour course.

At the DPS you will be fingerprinted, photographed, and have a quick vision exam performed while they check ALL you paperwork ( double check the checklist below before you head to the DPS).   

You now will have a PAPER TEMPORARY PERMIT or PROVISIONAL LICENSE with Restriction B. This will allow you to drive with another Licensed adult for practice and/or test and practice with the DPS Tester.

In order to get a Texas Permit, you will need to bring:
- Birth Certificate
- 2 forms of residency
- 6 hour completion certificate from program (18-24 required, 25+ optional) OR pass the written test at DPS in person ( over 25 only)

After getting a Permit

Do you need help driving? Contact me for Private Lessons/Parallel Parking Training. If not, go to the SCHEDULE A TEST page and continue from there.

Follow the ADULT checklist of items needed to bring to the appointment.